Ascanio Zocchi Designer Profile
Ascanio Zocchi is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Ascanio Zocchi

Design can certainly contribute to society by creating useful objects that are beautiful and easy to use. In the design of objects or interior spaces Ascanio tries to use natural products, respectful of the environment, in the designed spaces you can breathe this harmony between colors and materials. There is continuous research on materials, finding in wood a design partner, not just a material to be used, to produce objects or environments. According to him, wood is the sensory material par excellence, color, shape and perfume. Each of us who loves nature tries to bring a piece of wood into the house, perhaps because with this act we bring nature, life into the house. Every space and every object is conceived and designed for a specific function, beauty must first of all be functional, harmonious. The designer has the task of designing beautiful, useful and functional objects, suitable for making everyday acts simpler and happier.

Ascanio Zocchi
Tri sgabello
Ska V29 Dining Table
Aks Sconcentrico Dining Table