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Marco Manders is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
Marco Manders

Tulpi-design is based in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands, founded in April 2011 and owned by designer Marco Manders. Marco Manders started his business in graphic design almost thirty years ago. He gradually gained interest in product design. He entered his idea for the Tulpi-seat during a Dutch government pitch, an event where professionals were invited to enter their new design ideas for public space design. His entry was well received, but not the winner. By that time Manders had fallen in love with design for public spaces after which he decided to further develop his first design the Tulpi-seat. The design proved to be an award winning design, awarded with the special GIO Award for most Original Design and Good Industrial Design (GIO) 2011, and the Golden A' Design Award Winner for Street Furniture Design Category 2014. The Tulpi-seat and Tulpi-bin are designed to create more fun and color in our outdoor environments. The organic design of the chair is an ode to the tulip. Tulpi's are high quality products: not only the exterior was a major focus point during the product development, he has also put a lot of work into the ergonomic and functional features. Tulpi's are highly innovative: the folding element of the chair guarantees a dry and clean seat and the movable petals of the Tulpi-bin are protecting the inner waste-bin. Tulpiā€™s are typical Dutch Design, which we can be characterized as: minimalistic, experimental, innovative, quirky and humorous. Marco Manders is currently working on more designs such as Tulpi-Grace, Tulpi-Glow, Tulpi-Floatline

Marco Manders
Tulpi-seat Chair
Tulpi-bin Waste bin
Tulpi Arabesque Waste bin
Tulpi InMotion Bench