Elad Achi Designer Profile
Elad Achi is the award-winning designer of the Katipo Foldable Gas Stove.
Elad Achi

Elad is a 28 years old designers at the beginning of his career, a third-year product design student in Holon, Israel. believes that a good product is a perfect combination between an effective design that serve its purpose and an eye-catching aesthetics. a well design product should be innovative, unique, understandable and comfortable to use. believes that as a product designers we have the responsibility for the health and the well-being of our costumer, and we have to take into account the user's needs, ergonomics and environment and express it in our design; reaching a wide range of users while consider the age, the cultural preferences and the physical or mental limitations.

Elad Achi
Katipo Foldable Gas Stove