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Designers often pour their heart and soul into their creations, but it can be hard to know just how good your design truly is. Our preliminary score service will provide you with an honest and unbiased opinion of your design, as well as constructive feedback to help you improve it. A' Design Award's preliminary score service is completely confidential and obligation-free, so you can receive a fair evaluation of your work without any pressure. Sign up today to receive your free preliminary score and take the first step in elevating your design to the next level.

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Get a Free & Confidential Design Score

Find out how good your design really is, with a free and confidential design score from A' Design Award. Get an honest evaluation of your work, without any pressure to nominate it, and find out how to improve your design and presentation skills with valuable feedback from our experts. Simply sign up and upload your design to get started.

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Why Get a Free Design Score?

Reduce the financial risk of participating in design competitions and make informed decisions about your work. Get an unbiased and honest opinion on your design, and receive a comprehensive evaluation including essential design quality, visualization & presentation characteristics, and category compliance. Think of it as a personal mentor and design consultant, available to you for free and without any obligations.

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Not Just a Score, But a Comprehensive Design Consultancy

The preliminary score service is not just a score, it's a comprehensive design consultancy that provides you with expert feedback on your work and how to present it better. Get insights on how to attract the attention of design media, journalists, press members, and design-oriented audiences. Improve your design skills, reduce risks, and get a better return on your investment with A' Design Award's complimentary and confidential preliminary design score service. Get your free preliminary score today.

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Understand Your Preliminary Score

Your preliminary score is an important measure of your design's potential for recognition and success. The score is provided by a preliminary jury of expert designers and professionals, who evaluate your work based on its intrinsic design qualities, visualization, and presentation characteristics, and category compliance. We invite you to learn more about what your preliminary score means and how it can help you improve your design and increase your chances of success.

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