Ariane Cristina da Rosa Designer Profile
Ariane Cristina da Rosa is the award-winning designer of the Umma Indoor Outdoor Armchair.
Ariane Cristina da Rosa

• Furniture designer • Youtuber and digital influencer at architecture and interior design • production and social media content developer • Brazilian Senior architect with large experience in interior design, developping highly customized architectural, decoration and interior design projects; • work in the most diverse areas developing residential, institutional and corporate projects, carrying out reforms and providing consulting • Great organizational skills and aptitude to manage multiple projects simultaneously; • Competence to work together with other departments; • Working proactively and as a team is indispensable in the development of my daily professional activities • Proven ability to create targeted, innovative designs solutions within the deadline; • practical and assertive: with ability to work under pressure, ethical, self confident, with good communication and broad experience in the achitectural market; • Strong sense of composition; • look for the solution that best meets the immediate needs, predicting its future repercussions • Volunteer work as a member of Rotary (2022 - 2023 President)

Ariane Cristina da Rosa
Umma Indoor Outdoor Armchair