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SIG Design is an award-winning designer with 5 featured award-winning projects.
SIG Design

SIG Design is a leading commercial Design company in China, founded in Shanghai in 2001. Based on the methodology of design innovation, through a unique perspective and insight, it breaks the boundary of style and the inertia of traditional thinking, and provides comprehensive design solutions. SIG means [ special interest group ]. The team started with the idea of gathering a group of interesting and special people and treating each project as an opportunity to learn and explore the world. With a unique perspective of design and innovation, we can gain insight into People's daily behavior and the surrounding world, and give innovative proposals. This interesting group of people believe that through warm, human design: humanized design.

Fantasy Factory Retail Store
Haocailou Resturant
Naive Blue Lab Photo Shooting Space
Blue Frog IST Bar and Restaurant
Bay Cosmetics Retail Store