Arvin Maleki Designer Profile
Arvin Maleki is an award-winning designer with 9 featured award-winning projects.
Arvin Maleki

Arvin Maleki, a distinguished figure in industrial design, merges his family's Persian carpet heritage with innovative design. His shift from technology to user-centric, sustainable design demonstrates a commitment to blending tradition and creativity. Celebrated for his excellence, he's earned the Gold at the A'Design Award and Competition, along with five additional international gold medals. Globally recognized, Arvin is ranked 12th in Canada, 7th in Iran, and 731st worldwide. As a senior partner at the World Design Consortium and a juror for prestigious awards like The StevieĀ® and A'Design Awards, he significantly influences the design industry. His authoritative book on industrial design marks a substantial academic and practical contribution to the field. Arvin's expertise in drawing, prototyping, and commitment to continual learning shape his contributions to design education. Through global workshops and mentorship, he inspires the next generation, extending his impact beyond personal achievements to significantly influence the industrial design landscape.

Arvin Maleki
Nova Pilot Automotive HMI Design
Black Hole Speaker
Auramithra  Power Drink Packaging
Greenify Sustainability App
Organic Green Market
Glorium Saffron Packaging
Lightime Wall Clock
Seda Portable Speaker
iPlant Flower Pot