Arvin Maleki iPlant Flower Pot
iPlant Flower Pot is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Futuristic Design Award Category.
iPlant Flower Pot

An innovative water supply embedded system in iPlant guaranties plants life long for a month. A new intelligent irrigation system is used to provide the necessary water for roots. This solution is an approach for water consumption concerns. Also, smart sensors could check soil nutrients composition, moisture level, and other soil and plant health factors and, according to plant type, compares them with standard level and then send notifications to the iPlant mobile application.

iPlant Flower Pot
Arvin Maleki iPlant
Arvin Maleki Flower Pot
Arvin Maleki design
Arvin Maleki design
Arvin Maleki

Arvin Maleki, executive director of design in Futuredge Design Studio, is the gold winner of A'design and the best of the best in digital and electronic devices design 2020. He is the 20th designer in the world in the digital and electronic device category and the 32nd designer in the world in the futuristic design category 2020. Also, he is the 731st best designer in the world 2020/2021 R+ Designer Rankings. Besides, Arvin is the 15th designer in Canada based on World Design Rankings and has won more than eight prestigious international prizes. Now, Arvin is the senior partner of the World Design Consortium and judgment committee member of the Stevie Awards, Virginia-USA, Creative Communication Award, Los Angeles-USA, and A'​Design Award and Competition, Italy.

Futuredge Design Studio

The company's vision is to look to the future and design based on artificial intelligence technology, right now on the edge of the future. Futuredge is going to have a creative and innovative attitude for extending to use technology mixed by aesthetics aspects of design.