Arvin Maleki Black Hole Speaker
Black Hole Speaker is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Digital and Electronic Devices Design Award Category.
Black Hole Speaker

Black Hole designed on the base of modern intelligent technology, and it is a Bluetooth portable speaker. It could be connected to any mobile phone with different platforms, and there is a USB port for connecting to external portable storage. The embedded light could be used as a desk light. Also, the appealing look of Black Hole makes it so appeal homeware could be used in interior design.

Black Hole Speaker
Arvin Maleki Black Hole
Arvin Maleki Speaker
Arvin Maleki design
Arvin Maleki design
Arvin Maleki

Arvin Maleki, founder and creative director of Futuredge Design Studio, is the gold winner of A'design and best of the best in digital and electronic devices design 2020. He is the 20th designer of the world in the digital and electronic device category and the 32nd designer of the world in the futuristic design category 2020. Also, he is the 731st best designer of the world 2020/2021 R+ Designer Rankings. He is the 25th designer in Turkey and the seventh-best designer in Iran based on World Design Rankings. He has studied computer systems architecture and artificial intelligence and has more than ten books in these fields. Since 2017 he is working in the field of industrial design and has won more than eight prestigious international prizes. As an artificial intelligence expert and computer engineer, he has always tried to solve issues and create particular ideas for topics. Now he is a member of many proud and prestigious associations and societies. He is the senior partner of World Design Consortium (WDC), Alliance of International Business Associations (AIBA), International Beurau of Service Providers (IBSP), International Society of Product Manufacturers (ISPM), International Council of Creative Industries (ICCI), International Design Club (IDC), International Association of Designers (IAD).

Futuredge Design Studio

The company's vision is to look to the future and design based on artificial intelligence technology, right now on the edge of the future. Futuredge is going to have a creative and innovative attitude for extending to use technology mixed by aesthetics aspects of design.