Arvin Maleki Seda Portable Speaker
Seda Portable Speaker is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Digital and Electronic Device Design Award Category.
Seda Portable Speaker

Seda is an intelligence technology base functional device. The pen holder in the center is a space organizer. Also, digital features as the USB port and Bluetooth Connection make it as a portable player and speaker with a home area use adaption. A light bar embedded in the external body works as a desk light. Also, the appealing look of luxurious makes it so appeal home-ware could be used in interior design. Also, using the space in a better way is one of the essential features of Seda.

Seda Portable Speaker
Arvin Maleki Seda
Arvin Maleki Portable Speaker
Arvin Maleki design
Arvin Maleki design
Arvin Maleki

Arvin Maleki, a distinguished figure in industrial design, merges his family's Persian carpet heritage with innovative design. His shift from technology to user-centric, sustainable design demonstrates a commitment to blending tradition and creativity. Celebrated for his excellence, he's earned the Gold at the A'Design Award and Competition, along with five additional international gold medals. Globally recognized, Arvin is ranked 12th in Canada, 7th in Iran, and 731st worldwide. As a senior partner at the World Design Consortium and a juror for prestigious awards like The StevieĀ® and A'Design Awards, he significantly influences the design industry. His authoritative book on industrial design marks a substantial academic and practical contribution to the field. Arvin's expertise in drawing, prototyping, and commitment to continual learning shape his contributions to design education. Through global workshops and mentorship, he inspires the next generation, extending his impact beyond personal achievements to significantly influence the industrial design landscape.

Futuredge Design Studio

The company's vision is to look to the future and design based on artificial intelligence technology, right now on the edge of the future. Futuredge is going to have a creative and innovative attitude for extending to use technology mixed by aesthetics aspects of design.