Moritz Pröll Designer Profile
Moritz Pröll is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Moritz Pröll

Moritz Proell Design is a brand which creates extraordinary pieces of furniture combining art and design. The overall focus is based on the idea and the concept. The unique language of form reaching from organic and round shapes to straight lines give the objects a high degree of recognition and an elegant appearance. Their style is contemporary and modern approaching a minimalistic look. Different materials, colours and textures are used to round off the design. Every piece has a different style and its very unique details and elements. A wide pallet of furniture shows the creativity and versatility of Moritz Pröll. Due to local production in Austria, a high quality and a long lifespan for each piece is guaranteed.

Moritz Pröll
Telescope extendible sideboard
Cocoon wine rack