Moritz Proell Telescope Extendible Sideboard
Telescope Extendible Sideboard is Bronze Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Telescope Extendible Sideboard

This adjustable piece of furniture adapts to individual requirements by changing its look and the amount of storage space due to its extension mechanism. On top of a delicate-looking steel frame rests the body of the sideboard. It offers three compartments that are hidden behind wooden door panels. Once you pull on one side of the body, the opposite one moves towards the outside as well and a bright yellow space appears. It is an additional open compartment which works as a display case and adds a contrast to the dark surfaces.

Telescope Extendible Sideboard
Moritz Proell Telescope
Moritz Proell Extendible Sideboard
Moritz Proell design
Moritz Proell design
Moritz Proell Design (MPD)

"Moritz Proell Design" is a brand by Austrian furniture designer Moritz Pröll. It is all about contemporary and modern furniture design. The main focus is based on the unique idea and the language of form as well as the composition of colours, textures and materials. New ways of thinking make it possible to lift the boundaries between functional objects and works of art in order to create extraordinary and elegant pieces of furniture. The combination of all these elements gives each object its distinctive appearance. All products are handcrafted in local manufactures which ensures precision and high quality for a long lifespan.