Moritz Proell Intersect Dresser
Intersect Dresser is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Furniture Design Award Category.
Intersect Dresser

This piece of furniture is created by combining two main elements: A frame made of solid wood acts as the console table and intersects with a dresser. Its body is placed evenly in between the frame and the space at the bottom and the top makes the dresser appear lighter. Thereby, different levels and volumes are created. The uniform surfaces of the dresser add a colour contrast to the wooden components and underline the grain. The offset of these two elements enables the diagonal part of the frame to become the handle of the three drawers which offer a lot of storage space.

Intersect Dresser
Moritz Proell Intersect
Moritz Proell Dresser
Moritz Proell design
Moritz Proell design
Moritz Proell Design

MORITZ PROELL DESIGN is all about contemporary and innovative furniture design. New ways of thinking make it possible to unify functionality and art in each piece. The unique interaction between materials, colours and structures is what gives every object its distinctive appearance. Creating the exceptional by emphasising the language of forms completes the idea behind this label. All products are handcrafted in local manufactures which ensures precision, outstanding quality and a long lifespan.