Moritz Proell Cocoon Wine Rack
Cocoon Wine Rack is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Furniture Design Award Category.
Cocoon Wine Rack

This piece of furniture not only functions as a wine rack, but also as an object of art. A solid oak frame shapes an abstracted form of the infinity loop which reflects the long-taking process of the wine production. The wooden structure and the cubic concrete base form an interplay of lightness and mass. Forged steel bars allow the leather bags to hang on which mimic natural cocoons. Inside of them, the bottles of wine find a place to rest. An optimum of one to three bottles can be placed into each of the floating pockets to showcase and store them.

Cocoon Wine Rack
Moritz Proell Cocoon
Moritz Proell Wine Rack
Moritz Proell design
Moritz Proell design
Moritz Proell Design (MPD)

"Moritz Proell Design" is a brand by Austrian furniture designer Moritz Pröll. It is all about contemporary and modern furniture design. The main focus is based on the unique idea and the language of form as well as the composition of colours, textures and materials. New ways of thinking make it possible to lift the boundaries between functional objects and works of art in order to create extraordinary and elegant pieces of furniture. The combination of all these elements gives each object its distinctive appearance. All products are handcrafted in local manufactures which ensures precision and high quality for a long lifespan.