Mark Turner Designer Profile
Mark Turner is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
Mark Turner

Creativity is not something that can be turned on like a tap. You are either creative or you are not. It is something you cannot teach you can only feed it. I feel most creative when we are having a design/brain storming meeting in the studio. I love the interaction of other like-minded, passionate people; ideas really come alive! Packaging is my passion, it started from my love of sculpture and form as a young artist and design allows me the best of both worlds to produce a piece of packaging that is not only stunning, but unique and meaningful with real purpose for our clients.

Mark Turner
Vonziu Elite Puppy Dog Food Bag
SoundRevel Branding Brand Identity
DeAngelis Italian Chocolate Packaging
Spice Chakra Indian Recipe Pack Packaging to display spice ingredients