Mark Turner SoundRevel Branding Brand Identity
SoundRevel Branding Brand Identity is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
SoundRevel Branding Brand Identity

The brief from SoundRevel was to create a bold, yet iconic identity with a feeling of movement, for their global music festival promotion company and online streaming app. The solution was to create a dynamic identity which uses the iconic grooves of the record as its core which evolves into sound waves radiating out from its centre and in turn the waves creates human faces. The identity was designed to be flexible and adaptable for the vast range of conventional and digital medias required, including stage signage, promotional items and online marketing.

SoundRevel Branding Brand Identity
Mark Turner SoundRevel Branding
Mark Turner Brand Identity
Mark Turner design
Mark Turner design
Mark Turner

Creativity is not something that can be turned on like a tap. You are either creative or you are not. It is something you cannot teach you can only feed it. I feel most creative when we are having a design/brain storming meeting in the studio. I love the interaction of other like-minded, passionate people; ideas really come alive! Packaging is my passion, it started from my love of sculpture and form as a young artist and design allows me the best of both worlds to produce a piece of packaging that is not only stunning, but unique and meaningful with real purpose for our clients.


SoundRevel are global music festival curators, they are also a broadcasting and media production company. They specialise in promoting independent artists and DJs from around the world of music. As organisers of retro music festivals both in the UK, and globally, SoundRevel specialise in promoting music, musicians and DJs from a wide breadth of genres. They also promote charity festivals to raise funds for a wide range of deserving causes. They bring Real Music to Real People.