Henry Chebaane Designer Profile
Henry Chebaane is an award-winning designer with 10 featured award-winning projects.
Henry Chebaane

Creative Director and Brand Strategist for a multi-disciplinary design studio specialised in the creation and development of hotel, retail, restaurants, bars, clubs and leisure branded concepts. Working for a number of international hospitality and retail operators, investors and developers to maximise tangible and commercial assets on a local, regional and global basis. A holistic work process enables the creation of successful products and concepts from unique brand identity and positioning, memorable interior architecture, furniture design, art production, immersive stage & lighting scenography and distinctive marketing opportunities. Discretion, dedication and humility allow the Blue Sky team to operate with one single focus: exemplary care for clients and their stakeholders.

Henry Chebaane
Fireworks restaurant
Chinar Lounge Bar Dining
Razzmatazz night club bar
The Tea Lounge Hotel Lobby
Zest cafe
Chinar Restaurant Bar Lounge Club
OroNero restaurant
Eden Garden dining pavilion
Flora Indica Corporate Identity
Urban Pop Art Concept