Beck Storer Designer Profile
Beck Storer is an award-winning designer with 6 featured award-winning projects.
Beck Storer

Beck is the founder of The Cutaway - a creative studio that explores cultural storytelling in the public space to connect people to places and craft messages of meaning and value. Combining her love for design, technology and craft, her work challenges the curious and presents visual stories in the public space that are compelling and memorable. Her career spans over 20 years in the communication design industry, with her work being peer reviewed receiving numerous international awards. Her projects are vast, applying her sharp creativity through a wide range of disciplines including brand strategy, art direction and public art activations. A driver for challenging the way we see design and it’s role in our world, she shares everything she knows as a leader in industry led design education and has lectured and developed post graduate design courses in the Australian academic environment.

Beck Storer
The River Runs Through Public Art
Pretty Little Things Art Installation
The Future Sees You Art Installation
The Reflection Room Installation
Home Event Activation
 The Jewel Event Activation