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United Design Practice is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
United Design Practice

Lin Wei is a Singaporean designer based in Beijing, China. After a varied career crossing Branding, Advertising and Events industries, he started cross-disciplinary design studio United Design Practice, with a mission to solve problems using design, regardless of discipline, scale, or culture. At the crossroads of art/design, technology, and business, he consults for clients from the likes of Greenpeace, Pepsi, Mercedes, to State Owned Enterprises like OE Broadband, and for trending tech startups like Xiao Niu and CeCe. In his spare time, he writes stories, curates art exhibitions, and hatches crazy ideas that might still see the light of day.

United Design Practice
Yizheng Experience Center Children Eraser Showcase
En Vain Baijiu Bar & Restaurant
Learning Education Rebrand Integrated Corporate Identity