Masahiko Sato Designer Profile
Masahiko Sato is an award-winning designer with 11 featured award-winning projects.
Masahiko Sato

Architect show Co., Ltd is the Japanese architectural firm in Fukuoka city; founded by architect Masahiko Sato in 1985. The firm has completed numerous projects ranges from residential, hotels, malls, clinics and office projects in and outside of Fukuoka city. The most significant of which is residential projects and appreciated its work by national and various international awards. The significant feature of Architect show is that it provides sophisticated wooden design and choice of variety of materials that resembles concrete building, which is not common in Japan.

Masahiko Sato
 N8-house [ House of III-BOX ] Residential House
 I3-house [ Modeling on the hill ] Residential House
 M4-house [ House of Overlap ] House
N10-House Residential Architecture
A2-house residence
I-house residence
I6-House Architecture Residential
G2 House Architecture Residential
M6 House Architecture Residential
N12 House Residential
M10 House Architecture Residential