Masahiko Sato G2 House Architecture Residential
G2 House Architecture Residential is Bronze Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
G2 House Architecture Residential

This project is located in rural area of Mii city in Fukuoka Prefecture Japan.The building was to protect privacy of the house, and create a stylistic facade.Roof direction of the front and back of the building is opposing each against to protect and optimized the daylight and ventilation to the house and help to give extra space for living and also its help to achieve the main goals of the design which are privacy and protection. At night the building will appear more appealing and dramatic with the effect of lighting design of the house.

G2 House Architecture Residential
Masahiko Sato G2 House
Masahiko Sato Architecture Residential
Masahiko Sato design
Masahiko Sato design
Masahiko Sato

Architect show Co., Ltd is the Japanese architectural firm in Fukuoka city; founded by architect Masahiko Sato in 1985. The firm has completed numerous projects ranges from residential, hotels, malls, clinics and office projects in and outside of Fukuoka city. The most significant of which is residential projects and appreciated its work by national and various international awards. The significant feature of Architect show is that it provides sophisticated wooden design and choice of variety of materials that resembles concrete building, which is not common in Japan.

Architect Show Co.,Ltd

In daily life, people put themselves in a space somewhere. Home, school, work, public institution, commercial facility... In every space, what do people see, experience and feel? We base on people, harmonize every element, like function, things, environment to create a space and the style, and that is our job. We'd love to keep creating the space that makes your life joyful and pleasant, the space becomes more attractive and valuable by people who are enjoying it.