Aiji Inoue Designer Profile
Aiji Inoue is an award-winning designer with 9 featured award-winning projects.
Aiji Inoue

Aiji Inoue, was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1977. He has graduated from Meiji University, Department of Architecture in 2001. Doyle Collection was established by Aiji Inoue in 2011. It is based in Tokyo. Aiji Inoue, is the CEO of Doyle Collection. He has been an interior architect for 11 years at a famous Japanese design studio. He has created many projects which are highly evaluated. The special feature of his works is not a scene but sequence. In just a year his works has expanded from Japan to Asia and Europe.

Aiji Inoue
& Dough Cafe
La Boca Centro Restaurant
IL MARE Bar restaurant
George restaurant
CRONUS interior
La Coquina cerveceria Restaurant
Saboten Beijing the 1st Japanese Cutlet Restaurant
RICO Spanish Dining Restaurant
PJB Nishiazabu Bar