Furniture Design Award Winners 2024/2
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Furniture Design Award 2024 Winners Page 2

A' Design Awards is pleased to announce the esteemed winners of the A' Furniture Design Award 2023.

Seven Wind Chime
Winner Work : Seven Wind Chime
Cocoda Chair
Winner Work : Cocoda Chair
Line Series Furniture
Winner Work : Line Series Furniture
Wall V4 TV Stand
Winner Work : Wall V4 TV Stand
Sway Bar Chair
Winner Work : Sway Bar Chair
Nikao Side Table
Winner Work : Nikao Side Table
Florencia Lounge Chair
Winner Work : Florencia Lounge Chair
Mobius Chair
Winner Work : Mobius Chair
Layer Stool
Winner Work : Layer Stool
Hector Armchair
Winner Work : Hector Armchair
Micode Ai Sleep System
Winner Work : Micode Ai Sleep System
Mua Lau Lounge Chair
Winner Work : Mua Lau Lounge Chair
Tai Side Table
Winner Work : Tai Side Table
Sketch Shelf
Winner Work : Sketch Shelf
Pinch Chair
Winner Work : Pinch Chair
Plump Modular Seating
Winner Work : Plump Modular Seating

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Award for Furniture Design

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