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Wu yao is an award-winning designer with 6 featured award-winning projects.
Wu yao

I'm Wu Yao´╝îIn 2019, Beijing Satellite TV invited the designer of the second season of the National Palace Museum, the official cultural and creative designer of Wudang Mountain, the designer recommended by Zhan Ku, the annual cooperative designer of shede liquor industry, and the special designer of the culture and Tourism Bureau of Xi'an Qujiang Management Committee. Together with Baidu and the National Library, they designed the input method skin of Shanhaijing series, and jointly created the online red products "Palace Museum suitcase" and "Zhengda Guangmeng" with the National Palace Museum Before and after cooperation with Xinhuanet, Li Ning, China, Chengdu University Games, shede, vivo, King glory, ZTE, Netease, amuxi, COSCO, China Resources, Dongfeng Motor, etc.

Beijing Happy Valley Illustration Series
Chang'an Still Illustration Series
Shebude Wine Liquor Packaging
Beautiful Chinese Wine Gift Box
Tuopai Tequ Cellar Age Series Packaging
Shacheng Old Cellar Packaging