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Mohammad Meyzari is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Mohammad Meyzari

Mohammad Mizari was born in Isfahan, which is the emergence of much Iranian art. He grew up in a family that was familiar with the art. He was unfamiliar with this great legacy until the age of 18. But at the age of 18, by exploring within himself and what he saw outside he faced all his ignored potentials and to begin a new life. This life is a mixture of art and design. He could get to know his inner potentials and reach the consciousness stage by choosing his favorite field in the University (Interior architecture). His activities resulted to get a bachelor's degree in interior architecture. Therefore the outcome of years of his studies in this field caused the creation of the ROCH brand. ROCH brand is a set that aims to improve and promote the design type. The use of stable and durable materials concerning the present age is a kind of effort for protecting the planet.

Mohammad Meyzari
Zagros  Candles
Liquid Fuel Candle