Mohammad Meyzari Liquid Fuel Candle
Liquid Fuel Candle is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Furniture Design Award Category.
Liquid Fuel Candle

In the modern days that the improper use of resources causes the threat of nature and humanity. Hence by designing and creating the products with more of works longevity as a substitute for similar products with the same efficiency that goes through time can help us. By combining a different look at what the alcoholic lights were doing in the laboratories and a different view of the indestructible candles designers created a new product. Then they can produce the liquid fuel candles that are also stable and burn like a candle.

Liquid Fuel Candle
Mohammad Meyzari Liquid Fuel
Mohammad Meyzari Candle
Mohammad Meyzari design
Mohammad Meyzari design
Mohammad Meyzari

Mohammad Mizari was born in Isfahan, which is the emergence of much Iranian art. He grew up in a family that was familiar with the art. He was unfamiliar with this great legacy until the age of 18. But at the age of 18, by exploring within himself and what he saw outside he faced all his ignored potentials and to begin a new life. This life is a mixture of art and design. He could get to know his inner potentials and reach the consciousness stage by choosing his favorite field in the University (Interior architecture). His activities resulted to get a bachelor's degree in interior architecture. Therefore the outcome of years of his studies in this field caused the creation of the ROCH brand. ROCH brand is a set that aims to improve and promote the design type. The use of stable and durable materials concerning the present age is a kind of effort for protecting the planet.


The Roch collections' logo is a kind of written form of Roch name. Roch means light and shines in the second Pahlavi language which founded in 2019 years and its activity is designing and producing syncretist parts with concrete. Using concrete in the products causes to improve the coordination with the present age. Also, It's inexpensive and availability is the other feature. In line with it, the implementation and production costs will be reduced on the other hand the quality will be improved. These are all the reasons that the idea of the ROCH emerged and the design of the pieces started.