William Volcoff Designer Profile
William Volcoff is the award-winning designer of the Janus Watch.
William Volcoff

I wore several hats for many years: managing my own design agency, doing business development and being the creative director behind each projects, mentoring and training my team while improving my own skills. I served different clients: from luxury power houses to technology start-ups to large scale government funded projects. Very different, and yet very similar: one common denominator during all these years was the need of being creative within a defined budget and, usually tight, time frame. Controlling budget and timeline while being creative is a challenging position where I excel. Since 2016, I also had one feet in the Academic world, supervising the Industrial and Strategic Design section at SIVA (Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts). I worked closely with university to define the design curriculum and organize their teaching content. After 6 years with the university, I felt the need for new challenges and I decided to go back fully into the professional world. In 2018, I launched my own watch brand where I’m fulfilling my needs to design high-quality products and to implement long term brand vision.
In 2021, I merged my agency to set-up a new company providing holistic design services. I’m only advisor/partner there and the new business is running smoothly under the guidance of my business partner.

William Volcoff
Janus Watch