William Volcoff Janus Watch
Janus Watch is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Jewelry Design Award Category.
Janus Watch

French inspired and brewed in Shanghai, the Janus is a real treat for all analog watch lovers. Thanks to its dual-dials and interchangeable strap, it is a good conversation starter and will make heads turn. User can flip and/or switch dials, and change straps to match daily outfit and activities. The case and lugs are made of steel and show first-rate finishing surface treatment and details. Straps are made of genuine leather with inner reinforcement to sustain daily wear.

Janus Watch
William Volcoff Janus
William Volcoff Watch
William Volcoff design
William Volcoff design
William Volcoff

I wore several hats for many years: managing my own design agency, doing business development and being the creative director behind each projects, mentoring and training my team while improving my own skills. I served different clients: from luxury power houses to technology start-ups to large scale government funded projects. Very different, and yet very similar: one common denominator during all these years was the need of being creative within a defined budget and, usually tight, time frame. Controlling budget and timeline while being creative is a challenging position where I excel. Since 2016, I also had one foot in the Academic world, supervising the Industrial and Strategic Design section at SIVA (Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts). I worked closely with university to define the design curriculum and organize their teaching content. After 6 years with the university, I felt the need for new challenges and I decided to go back fully into the professional world. In 2018, I launched my own watch brand where I’m fulfilling my needs to design high-quality products and to implement long term brand vision.
In 2021, I merged my agency to set-up a new company providing holistic design services: WY&P.


French inspired and brewed in Shanghai, we create limited edition of high quality products for analog lovers, worldwide. We create dual-dials watches that start a conversation and make heads turn. We care about quality, innovation and style. Shanghai cultural melting pot is our source of inspiration. Each collection is deeply influenced by our multicultural experiences and our love of pop-cultures, from legendary singers to Beijing opera icons, we keep our eyes wide-open, all the time. Connecting several like-minded partners, we provide original and design-oriented products that make men feel amazing when wearing them.