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In order to manage the national forest and achieve the goal of management for multiple uses, the Chiayi Forest District Office headquarters consists of 4 Ranger Stations. To facilitate public access to services, the Chiayi Forest District Office is located in Chiayi city, and Ranger Stations have been established in locations where the most services are needed, front-line implementing units. Besides, we also administer Alishan National Forest Recreation Area and Aogu Wetlands Forest Park: Alishan National Forest Recreation Area- In the early days, Alishan was one of the three major logging areas. Since then, Alishan has been developed based on environmental conservation and forest recreational facilities. Historical remains such as the Old Tree Stump, Lumber Collecting Post, and Tree Spirit Pagoda, and Alishan forest railway all vividly portray stories from early generations.There are a huge variety of flowers, trees, and wildlife inside, it’s one of most tourists visiting place under Forestry Bureau. The landscape in the Aogu Wetland Forest Park is famous on consists of wetlands, sandbars, fish farms, plantations and farmland. it provides wetlands wildlife habitat The wetlands are being developed as an area for environmental education and conservation work.

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