Architectural Services Department Designer Profile
Architectural Services Department is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Architectural Services Department

The Architectural Services Department performs three core functions in relation to Government-owned and Government-funded facilities in the following programme areas: 1. Monitoring and Advisory Services 2. Facilities Upkeep 3. Facilities Development Our department is committed to collaborating with our industry partners, user departments and stakeholders in developing and maintaining the public facilities for providing a better service to the general public. It is believed that through collective wisdom, experience and talent, we will be able to bring about continuous improvement on the public works and the quality living environment for the public. We will also continue to effectively provide professional and technical advice to the Government and quasi-government organisations and to oversee subvented and entrusted projects.

The Serpentine Stargazing Landscape
The Urban Serene Library Station