Architectural Services Department The Serpentine Stargazing Landscape
The Serpentine Stargazing Landscape is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award Category.
The Serpentine Stargazing Landscape

The design is inspired by nature and for admiring nature. The curved ergonomics stargazing profile not just resembles the dynamics of the scenic shoreline of Sai Kung, but becomes a harmonic overtone of nearby landscape. A tranquil and comfortable spot for the busy Hong Konger to lie down and feel the beauty of the night sky. The light wood color with a touch of timber grain blend the design into Mother Nature. As a counterpart to the vivid city, the design is a window to unveil the natural side of Hong Kong to local and tourist hikers, provoking a rethink of the image of Hong Kong.

The Serpentine Stargazing Landscape
Architectural Services Department The Serpentine
Architectural Services Department Stargazing Landscape
Architectural Services Department design
Architectural Services Department design
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To see our community enjoy a reliable and plentiful supply of safe and high quality fresh food and a well managed natural environment, which we can pass on to our future generations. To serve the community with professionalism, dedication, courtesy and efficiency in providing services to - Secure orderly and efficient production and marketing of agricultural and fishery produce; Enforce regulations on plants, pesticides and animal controls; and Conserve our natural environment and safeguard the ecological integrity.