Xiaobing Yao Designer Profile
Xiaobing Yao is an award-winning designer with 11 featured award-winning projects.
Xiaobing Yao

Xiaobing Yao, a famous independent designer, is the founder and design director of Yao Xiaobing Design Studio. In his opinion, design is an applied art rather than a pure art. He pursues the lasting vitality of space, and believes that even the best design works also need exquisite details of the craft to reflect. His design concept does not limited to a certain design style, with the precise positioning of the customer's target demand, he combines design sense, humanization and intellectualization, and achieves high-quality and efficient spatial solutions through artistic expression.

Rotass Haute Joallerie Store
Ufia Hotel
Carefree Restaurant
Haoting Shijia Office
RGB Hotel Homestay
Dongli Restaurant
The Lake Art Gallery
YDS Office Work Place
IRIS Ceramic Store Shop
Sight Art Studio Store
Stylia Hair Store