Xiaobing Yao Carefree Restaurant
Carefree Restaurant is Golden Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Carefree Restaurant

The lobby is divided into three areas, that is, refreshment area, wine area and private room. According to the business hours and regional characteristics, the three areas have their own beautiful scenery. The wall decoration of the refreshment area is with Chinese carved fence, supplemented by dim light to highlight the deep and secluded feeling. The private room did not use splendid decorations, but designed the space into a container for people and food to set off the delicate taste of food by broadening the image extension.

Carefree Restaurant
Xiaobing Yao Carefree
Xiaobing Yao Restaurant
Xiaobing Yao design
Xiaobing Yao design
Xiaobing Yao

Xiaobing Yao, a famous independent designer, is the founder and design director of Yao Xiaobing Design Studio. In his opinion, design is an applied art rather than a pure art. He pursues the lasting vitality of space, and believes that even the best design works also need exquisite details of the craft to reflect. His design concept does not limited to a certain design style, with the precise positioning of the customer's target demand, he combines design sense, humanization and intellectualization, and achieves high-quality and efficient spatial solutions through artistic expression.

Yao Xiaobing Space Design Studio

Yao Xiaobing Space Design Studio was founded by Mr. Yao Xiaobing in 2009. He advocates the concept of original and pure design, mainly focusing on boutique design projects. Professional design is a necessity of this era, it is not a luxurious thing. Defining it as "a more humane, environmentally friendly, relaxed and pleasant lifestyle" will be more incisive and precise. Yao Xiaobing Design Studio believes that the essence of design is to conceive a quiet space, but also to have warmth and the feeling of reality. Remove non-functional decorative elements, simplify colors, lighting, and raw materials to reach the realm of less is more. Yao Xiaobing Design Studio made a careful balance between the new and the old, it has revived the history through the orderly juxtaposition and separation of various fragments, properly displayed the original history, and created a new space. Light creates the mass of an object with brightness and shadow, and the production, expression, and change of material texture depend on resonance with the light. It is precisely because of the existence of light that the space's materiality and sense of form can be fully expressed and integrated into the space with the light. Yao Xiaobing Design Studio's understanding of light is not limited to direction, intensity, and color. It treats light as an entity. It is a way to balance expression from complexity. Vision is cutting from the lens constructed by Yao Xiaobing Design Studio, it is hoped that the viewer can generate flowing senses and feel on his own. In addition to the geometry and color of the object image, it enhances perception, accepts all cues from space and appreciates art spaces that are not regulated.