Kai Huang Designer Profile
Kai Huang is an award-winning designer with 13 featured award-winning projects.
Kai Huang

APDC (Asia Pacific Design Center), the member of IFI International Interior Architects Designers Group, which is also the global interior design United Nations organization. The founding chairman, Mr. Claude Bérubé, he is one of the founders of APDC, the international design authority, the rotating chairman of the IFI International Interior Architects Designers Group Alliance, and the former Chairman of the Canadian Interior Designers Association. Its core members are made up of those excellent architect, interior designers and product designers, who are active in Greater China, Asia Pacific and worldwide.

Kirin Wetland For Vanke Town Sales Office
City Cube Sales Office
Magic Space Office
Flowers Dancing In Forests Marketing Center
 The Purple Dream Of Provence Restaurant
The Rhyme of Origin Store
Beijing Old House Renovation Residential
Meet the Future - Library of Oxygen Sales Office
Canal Library Multifunctional Sales Office
Full House Residential
 Qingdao Rain Club For Leisure
Hainan Yitu Deer Drinking Stream Model House
House Among Flowers Residential