Kai Huang The Rhyme of Origin Store
The Rhyme of Origin Store is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
The Rhyme of Origin Store

The case conveys the Eastern image through modern expressions, creating a physical and mental experience of moving and changing scenery, which makes people feel touched. Through the prosperity of the world, showing the truest self in thousands of turns. The human spirit integrated with oriental tea ceremony is like holding a cup of tea under the rising sun, appreciating the smooth stones, the steady beauty of the leaves.

The Rhyme of Origin Store
Kai Huang The Rhyme of Origin
Kai Huang Store
Kai Huang design
Kai Huang design
Kai Huang

APDC (Asia Pacific Design Center), the member of IFI International Interior Architects Designers Group, which is also the global interior design United Nations organization. The founding chairman, Mr. Claude Bérubé, he is one of the founders of APDC, the international design authority, the rotating chairman of the IFI International Interior Architects Designers Group Alliance, and the former Chairman of the Canadian Interior Designers Association. Its core members are made up of those excellent architect, interior designers and product designers, who are active in Greater China, Asia Pacific and worldwide.

Sense Town Creative Design

SST Elite Design Group adheres to the professional spirit of design, humanities and nature as the source of inspiration, relying on rich Design experience and efficient systematic Design management system to provide more owners with assured and value-added services. With long years’ hardworking, SST Design guides the natural, elegant, happy life style and attitude. At the end of 2012, it became the Suzhou branch of Beijing ZhuBang Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., LTD., as a identity of Chinese national architectural design group. It has the Grade One qualification for national construction decoration project professional contractor and Grade One qualification for special architectural decoration engineering design. It set up an office in Japan at the end of 2016. The company's works are spread all over the country and have won many competitions. Those include the Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards For Elites, Shanghai Golden Bund Award, China International Interior Design Federation, Jin Tang Prize For Guangzhou International Design Week (China Interior Design Awards), China (Suzhou) Interior Design Review, North American famous interior design award, the GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN Special Award, international design awards such as “INNODESIGN PRIZE” For INSTITUT FRANCAIS DU DESIGN, UNDER 40 China Design Outstanding Youth In 2016-2017, 2016 Famous Designer Award, 2017 APDC Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards For Elites, IDA American Design Award, etc. Design Concept: To make a thing continue to shine, you must learn the essence of it, otherwise it is just a trend, fleeting by one second. The future design value is to explore the inner and meaning of things, to understand its essence, to pursue truth, goodness and beauty, and to embrace people with sublimated emotional experience and belonging on the spiritual level, so as to impress people and last forever. According to the "Diamond Sutra", "there should be nowhere to live, but to give birth to the heart." The human heart is like a mirror, as the object comes to response, as it leaves and nothing stays. Nothing is better than water- SST Design Group, aiming at the human spirit, avant-garde concept, new perspective, and exquisite design, provides customers with high-quality space optimization solutions. SST Design Group is also willing to continue the good character with sincere and thoughtful service to create an immortal brand in the design circle.