Kai Huang Flowers Dancing In Forests Marketing Center
Flowers Dancing In Forests Marketing Center is Silver Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Flowers Dancing In Forests Marketing Center

The Marketing Center of Yongxiang Mansion is located in Tianjin Beichen Tianchong Plate, which has dual possession of urban resources and natural resources. CLV DESIGN infused the elements of nature's inspiration, endowing flowers, trees, water, rocks and other ecological elements with more imagination. So, it is tended to be called by "Flowers Dancing In Forests".

Flowers Dancing In Forests Marketing Center
Kai Huang Flowers Dancing In Forests
Kai Huang Marketing Center
Kai Huang design
Kai Huang design
Kai Huang

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CLV is committed to the integration of real estate hardcover R&D and design works. What’s more, CLV also focuses on marketing center and club, commercial space and hotel, high-end real estate model house, residential industry hardcover product line R & D and standardization, soft furnishings art design and implementation and other customized design services. So far, CLV and the leading domestic housing enterprises have jointly developed new generation of residential products. To help our owners’ companies to achieve 500 billion sales, we develop a standardized system for our partners, so that help them establish or improve the product line design management and operation standards, which is performed with our rigorous R&D logic, professional integration capabilities, and systematic management experience. Meanwhile, CLV always adheres to the wisdom of the owners to do logical products. Those star products include unlimited series for Vanke beautiful houses, Sunac China π plan, New Dream+ for New Town Holdings, etc. After six years of accumulation, CLV has built up a design team over 100 people with common dreams, and the design works have been distributed all over major cities in China. Adhering to the design philosophy of "Design For A Better Life", we have built "CLV" into an enterprise brand that has influenced the development of contemporary Chinese design.