Bruce Tao Designer Profile
Bruce Tao is an award-winning designer with 16 featured award-winning projects.
Bruce Tao

Bruce Tao is a designer who committed to promote the development of industrial design in China and help design students out of confusion. Won more than 100 design awards in the domestic and overseas. Co-founded a scientific and technical corporation specializing in Intelligent Technology Equipment. Cooperated with students majoring in industrial design, computer, automation, intelligence, machinery and electronic information to jointly develop products. Got many national patents for scientific and technological inventions and awards.

Bruce Tao
Changer Luggage
Grille Bookcase
Tetris Bookcase
Zazen Multifunctional Chair
Donut Lamp
Seaview Lamp
Shr.d Music Player
Pad Chair
Yanzhi Lipstick
Gradient Ramp Tape
Pagoda Cabinet
QR Coder Stamp
Golden Life Wine Packaging
Free Lock Luggage
Linking Stool kindergarten stool
Double Face Lamp