Bruce Tao Golden Life Wine Packaging
Golden Life Wine Packaging is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Packaging Design Award Category.
Golden Life Wine Packaging

This package allows customer to drink a dream with the integration of traditional elements of China and Japan. The golden color of the packaging would express the color of traditional Chinese green plum wine. Together with the architectural style of the golden pavilion temple, the profile derived from the kimono hat, the design shows an heavenly peace of Chinese and Japanese aesthetic.

Golden Life Wine Packaging
Bruce Tao Golden Life
Bruce Tao Wine Packaging
Bruce Tao design
Bruce Tao design
Bruce Tao

Bruce Tao is a designer who committed to promote the development of industrial design in China and help design students out of confusion. Won more than 100 design awards in the domestic and overseas. Co-founded a scientific and technical corporation specializing in Intelligent Technology Equipment. Cooperated with students majoring in industrial design, computer, automation, intelligence, machinery and electronic information to jointly develop products. Got many national patents for scientific and technological inventions and awards.

Tsukiji Food Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in September 2004, TSUKIJI FOOD TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is a food processing enterprise integrating r&d, production and export. Subordinate includes recuperating food factory, bread factory and green plum winery. The company's products are exported to Japan, South Korea, the United States and the European Union, and are also favored by domestic consumers. The company is located in the convenient transportation, beautiful environment of the west coast of Qingdao. The company covers an area of 37021 square meters, the registered capital of $5.9 million, has advanced Japanese equipment, technical equipment in the domestic industry among the forefront. The company has 150 employees, including 10 managers, 8 quality managers and 5 technicians. Our company USES vegetable raw materials from the record base and raw materials of aquatic products imported from deep sea areas such as Peru and the Netherlands to process and produce a series of prepared foods, with more than 60 kinds of products. In order to ensure product quality, our company has set up a bread powder factory to strictly control the quality and further improve the product quality of our company. Prepared foods mainly include frozen bean cakes, frozen squid cakes and tempura vegetables, seafood series products; Since 2010, our company has introduced Japanese greengmei wine high-end technology for development and experiment. After continuous innovation and research, "tsukiji greengmei wine" has been launched. At the beginning of 2017, "tsukiji greengmei wine" has been put into formal production, and the products have been well received by domestic and foreign customers. The company exports 12,000 tons of finished products annually, with the export value reaching more than 10 million us dollars. Since January 2005, the company has established a series of ISO9000, 14000, 22000 quality, environment and food safety management systems from raw and auxiliary materials acceptance, production process quality and health control, product packaging inspection and delivery, product simulation tracing and recall. After the operation of the system, it is constantly improved through the supervision and verification of the quality assurance center of the Chinese association for quality assurance every year, which provides a strong guarantee for the continuous improvement of product safety and health quality.