Ian Wallace Designer Profile
Ian Wallace is the award-winning designer of the Urban Cuisine Cooking Spray.
Ian Wallace

Ian Wallace is a young designer (23 years old) with a great career worldwide. He has delivered confidence in his designs from so far to great countries such as France, England, Italy, Spain, Dubai, China, Egypt, Belgium, Holland, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru and all of Chile. He has won six important design awards worldwide and several recognitions of creativity and innovation in his country. What always fascinated him was having the satisfaction of being able to offer something that people would die for having. His purpose is to sell to the mind, not to the people. Ian Wallace will become the designer that changes the way of thinking, of communicating the subjective objectively, it will make you understand that things are worth more for what they mean that for what they seem to be. He will activate the emotions of the human being, communicate in a simple way, feel as the client feels, use action verbs, he will always carry a smile on the face. For Ian Wallace design is science, it's projecting. He will change the creative world.

Ian Wallace
Urban Cuisine Cooking Spray