Ian Wallace Binh Coffee
Binh Coffee is Golden Design Award winner in 2018 - 2019 Packaging Design Award Category.
Binh Coffee

The coffee shows thousands of colours in different shapes making a special, fun and original packaging. The packaging bag changes its colours palette all the time, taking the inspiration of the sunrise and sunsets, and the presence of local elephants heading down through humid rocks and abundant vegetation. When the sun goes down between lakes, the sunsets in Vietnam gave warm moments and deep sun reflections in the water, where the local men sailing their canoes helped create a memorable atmosphere.

Binh Coffee
Ian Wallace Binh
Ian Wallace Coffee
Ian Wallace design
Ian Wallace design
Ian Wallace

Ian Wallace is a young designer (25 years old) with a great career worldwide. He has delivered confidence in his designs from so far to great countries such as France, England, Italy, Spain, Dubai, China, Egypt, Belgium, Holland, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and all of Chile. He has won 23 important design awards worldwide and several recognitions of creativity and innovation in his country.


Binh is the name of a special and pacific coffee producer in the "Land of Dreams", Vietnam. A producer that transmits its emotions through coffee, generating a memorable experience. Bihn is an invitation to enjoy life, to favour the wonders that Vietnam offers both in its gleaming sunrises in the mountains and its warm sunsets between rivers and lakes. This is the real meaning of life: to enjoy the simple things that nature gives us accompanied by a magical coffee, achieving a perfect sensation.