Muchuan Xu Designer Profile
Muchuan Xu is an award-winning designer with 9 featured award-winning projects.
Muchuan Xu

The chief designer of the project, Mr. Xu Muchuan , is known as the founder of Vantree Design and also a lecturer of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art. He has won numerous international awards in design during the past years. In designing a project, Mr. Xu dedicates to inspiring communication through interior design and focuses on the the interaction and combination of human communication and space interface. He follows the bottom-up principle in design. Through practice and exploration, Xu assiduously seeks the possibilities in solving problems and excels at balancing the diversity in design values.

American International School of GZ SCHOOL
Guangzhou Science City LN Residence Apartment
Journey to Cloud Jinan Culture and Art Canteen
Nam Kwong Building Exhibition Center
Guangzhou Peace World Plaza Office
Jinan Cultural Sport and Archives Public Center
Jinan Cultural Archives Center Library
Named of Mountain Lixia Building Office
The Black Pearl A Snorkeling And Roaming Yacht