Muchuan Xu The Black Pearl A Snorkeling And Roaming Yacht
The Black Pearl A Snorkeling And Roaming Yacht is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award Category.
The Black Pearl A Snorkeling And Roaming Yacht

Black Pearl design take divers to explore the sovereign dive site of Palau, re-examine and follow the blue ocean, green island and mottled rainbow. To enjoyed intelligence system, feel of bench mark quality and the open activity space. To admire the wonders of the world when they experience the comfortable accommodation on the boat. It is a boat designed for diving enthusiasts, with a total length of 46.8m and a width of 8.6m which can easily accommodate 28 passengers. From living facilities to entertainment equipment ensure the convenience and comfort of divers far away from the coast.

The Black Pearl A Snorkeling And Roaming Yacht
Muchuan Xu The Black Pearl
Muchuan Xu A Snorkeling And Roaming Yacht
Muchuan Xu design
Muchuan Xu design
Muchuan Xu

The chief designer of the project, Mr. Xu Muchuan , is known as the founder of Vantree Design and also a lecturer of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art. He has won numerous international awards in design during the past years. In designing a project, Mr. Xu dedicates to inspiring communication through interior design and focuses on the the interaction and combination of human communication and space interface. He follows the bottom-up principle in design. Through practice and exploration, Xu assiduously seeks the possibilities in solving problems and excels at balancing the diversity in design values.

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Vantree specializes in the interior design of star hotels and commercial space. We have a team of skilled senior interior designers who are experienced and innovative, steady and vigorous. Our designers have summarized a set of important hotel design concepts and executive system with great guiding value. Some of them have been invited to be in charge of the design and executive design for many top-class international hotels, which makes us to become one of the most powerful executive interior design teams in Guangzhou. Since foundation, Vantree has won several professional awards of industrial image. We provide professional design service for clients in China. Our projects have covered over 50 cities around the nation.Interior design projects include hotel, shopping mall, complex, office building, club, hospital and school, showing Vantree has a great deal of experience in interior design scheme, design development, and executive design.