Edoardo Petri Designer Profile
Edoardo Petri is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Edoardo Petri

Sensitive and attentive, during his studies he undertakes an intense research activity on spatial continuity, understood as a flow of events, in search of balance and freedom between space, form and function, subsequently determining the aesthetic and qualitative value of his works . He likes to deal with very different themes in scale and complexity but characterized by a style closely linked to a thought of indissoluble uniqueness where the compositional process based on contemporary anologies creates new languages ​​and architectural spaces of great style. Dynamism and spatiality become fundamental matrices in his projects, dedicating great attention to the nature of the materials and their prerogatives existing at the time of the compositional act. In his architecture there is always a bilateral relationship between architecture and human being and between man and nature, man and space live a symbiotic relationship. Recognizing design as a free source of creation, he combines product design with architecture, creating symbiotic relationships between the two arts.

Edoardo Petri
Marilyn Table
Thalia washbasin