Edoardo Petri Thalia Washbasin
Thalia Washbasin is Silver Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Bathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Award Category.
Thalia Washbasin

Washbasin looking like a bud ready to bloom and fill up: it is so blooming that it was made from a skillful union of solid wood larch and teak, an essence in the upper part and the other in the lower. A firm and safe match, providing a special elegance touch and color liveliness with a cheerful intertwining of grains with always different hues that produce unique washbasins. The beauty of this object is characterized by its asymmetry and harmony by the encounter of different shapes and woody essence.

Thalia Washbasin
Edoardo Petri Thalia
Edoardo Petri Washbasin
Edoardo Petri design
Edoardo Petri design
Edoardo Petri

Sensitive and attentive, during his studies he undertakes an intense research activity on spatial continuity, understood as a flow of events, in search of balance and freedom between space, form and function, subsequently determining the aesthetic and qualitative value of his works . He likes to deal with very different themes in scale and complexity but characterized by a style closely linked to a thought of indissoluble uniqueness where the compositional process based on contemporary anologies creates new languages ​​and architectural spaces of great style. Dynamism and spatiality become fundamental matrices in his projects, dedicating great attention to the nature of the materials and their prerogatives existing at the time of the compositional act. In his architecture there is always a bilateral relationship between architecture and human being and between man and nature, man and space live a symbiotic relationship. Recognizing design as a free source of creation, he combines product design with architecture, creating symbiotic relationships between the two arts.