Edoardo Petri Marilyn Table
Marilyn Table is Silver Design Award winner in 2021 - 2022 Furniture Design Award Category.
Marilyn Table

The design of the dining table is inspired by Marilyn Monroe's classic costume style in the movie The Seven Years. The leather is made of Italian top Tuscan cowhide, giving the entire dining table an elegant and attractive pleated skirt shape. The leather skirt of the base is removable, and the atmosphere of the table will change dreamily with the replacement of leather. A total of 48 leather colors are available. The Marilyn collection round table measuring 160 cm, Top in Carrara and Emperador marble or ceramic.

Marilyn Table
Edoardo Petri Marilyn
Edoardo Petri Table
Edoardo Petri design
Edoardo Petri design
Edoardo Petri

Sensitive and attentive, during his studies he undertakes an intense research activity on spatial continuity, understood as a flow of events, in search of balance and freedom between space, form and function, subsequently determining the aesthetic and qualitative value of his works . He likes to deal with very different themes in scale and complexity but characterized by a style closely linked to a thought of indissoluble uniqueness where the compositional process based on contemporary anologies creates new languages ​​and architectural spaces of great style. Dynamism and spatiality become fundamental matrices in his projects, dedicating great attention to the nature of the materials and their prerogatives existing at the time of the compositional act. In his architecture there is always a bilateral relationship between architecture and human being and between man and nature, man and space live a symbiotic relationship. Recognizing design as a free source of creation, he combines product design with architecture, creating symbiotic relationships between the two arts.


Ours is a history of research and attention to detail, spanning over 30 years of skillful leather craftmanship. Our Company focuses on a wide furnishings production with a strong Italian identity.Our roots lie in the deep relationship with the culture of home territory but every day we renew the tradition in which gestures, techniques and creativity are the synthesis between aesthetic research and manual skills with excellent design, opening our world to collaborations with international architects and studios of accomplished designers.For us it is not only a slogan, but a value in which to recognize ourselves day by day. A value whose essence is a mix of style, workmanship, and experience. The result, a true sustainable quality that translates into custom solutions, designed and sewn to measure. Tangible quality, speed and flexibility of production, thanks to our in-house know-how and the extraordinary raw materials ennobled by the expert hands of our artisans.The strong trust that links the company with international design and architecture studios lead to stylistic choices that combine a timeless elegance with a continue innovation of technologies, forms and materials.An extraordinary natural material of excellence, able to enhance and elevate any setting to give the furnishing the decisive touch to stand out from the ordinary. Leather is the material we love. It is our true passion in which Airnova has always exalted the excellence of the material and the workmanship.