Frida Hultén Designer Profile
Frida Hultén is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
Frida Hultén

Frida’s love of mystery, of the ancient world and for the life force itself that shows in each piece of her hand-made jewellery. Curious and open, she learns from each new environment she explores, allowing rare insights into a myriad of cultures and bringing an infusion of diverse influences to her work. "Bespoke costume jewellery is an extremely powerful and visible tool of personal expression. It’s immensely satisfying to design with innovative materials that give voice to the inner essences of both the material and wearer,” says Frida. “I want people to feel they are adorned with something that has a story.” Frida understands a woman's torso as sublime beauty. So her pieces wrap and drape, adorning the female form. "I find that the slender sinuous curve of the neck garlanded with bold unpolished brass has an intoxicating effect." Her pieces encompass an ever-growing range of materials including antique trinkets, semi-precious stones, rare beads, plaited leather, copper, antique silver and other unique objects found during her travels through dusty markets.

Aphrodite Multifunctional Necklace
Theodora Multifunctional Necklace
Blue Multifunctional Dog Collar
FiFi Multifunctional Dog Collar