Jaco Pan Designer Profile
Jaco Pan is an award-winning designer with 5 featured award-winning projects.
Jaco Pan

As a Nanjing based architect, I practice across traditional construction techniques to internal logic between art and architecture, and possesse complete and distinct cognition of high consolidation between design philosophy and design fulfillment. My projects such as LAI Yard, East Yard, Bamboo’s Yard emerge a sense of humanity, remaining close relationship between human and nature. He’s fond of interpreting space aesthetic and philosophy from Jiangnan learning-men’s exquisite attitude to life. In 2009, I was invited by Chinese authority to aid Middle East and South Susan in building hotel projects.It's a time that these areas were disturbed in war.

Hong Maison Restaurant Restaurant
Nanjing Bamboo-Themed Restaurant Restaurant
Nanjing Orange Crystal Hotel Lobby Hotel lobby
Minggu Lai Yard Office
#24 Cathay Restaurant Restaurant