Jaco Pan Nanjing Orange Crystal Hotel Lobby Hotel lobby
Nanjing Orange Crystal Hotel Lobby Hotel lobby is Golden Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Nanjing Orange Crystal Hotel Lobby Hotel lobby

Lobby in small scaled hospitality projects is changing, that occupants are still able to enjoy themselves with heart touching service in brand hotels. The lobby, the architect refers it to Living Room, is such flexible that many events is convenient to launch, such as art and music activities in premise of the lobby's original functions. A small obstacle was set in the main entrance to create a kind of effect that transportation is approved but not fluent, with the purpose to make it much more interesting.

Nanjing Orange Crystal Hotel Lobby Hotel lobby
Jaco Pan Nanjing Orange Crystal Hotel Lobby
Jaco Pan Hotel lobby
Jaco Pan design
Jaco Pan design
Jaco Pan

As a Nanjing based architect, I practice across traditional construction techniques to internal logic between art and architecture, and possesse complete and distinct cognition of high consolidation between design philosophy and design fulfillment. My projects such as LAI Yard, East Yard, Bamboo’s Yard emerge a sense of humanity, remaining close relationship between human and nature. He’s fond of interpreting space aesthetic and philosophy from Jiangnan learning-men’s exquisite attitude to life. In 2009, I was invited by Chinese authority to aid Middle East and South Susan in building hotel projects.It's a time that these areas were disturbed in war.

Minggu Design

MingGu Design was founded by the pioneer architect and interior designer Jaco. Pan in 2007. Its core design concept is “focusing on the motivation that design innovation creates for the present social progress and how the pioneer design provides protection and leading trends to human lifestyle, also concentrating on the practice using of what kind of role that the Chinese traditional architectural culture heritage plays in contemporary society". Since its creation, MingGu Design has established a kind of unique execution mode that belongs to its own team completely and has formed exquisite perspective and control system towards the total design progress.They truly solved expected execution problems,from investment objectives to design creation and to finally the project landed.Above all, how to blend vanguard art into design system with the science, which is the most important part and MingGu particularly emphasize on when they creates a work.