Jaco Pan #24 Cathay Restaurant Restaurant
#24 Cathay Restaurant Restaurant is Iron Design Award winner in 2017 - 2018 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
#24 Cathay Restaurant Restaurant

This two storey restaurant was transformed from a mint during the period of National Revolution of China two centuries ago. The existing compound has several disadvantages, such as lack of original drawings, backlight and so on. In that case, the architect renovated the facade in condition of keeping the intact structure. In the design of interiors, marbles, textured wood and furniture, transparent fabric are used to lessen the industrial sense generated by the old architecture. In order to let customers be the part of the restaurant, dining rooms breaks the line and presents much interactive.

#24 Cathay Restaurant Restaurant
Jaco Pan #24 Cathay Restaurant
Jaco Pan Restaurant
Jaco Pan design
Jaco Pan design
Jaco Pan

As a Nanjing based architect, I practice across traditional construction techniques to internal logic between art and architecture, and possesse complete and distinct cognition of high consolidation between design philosophy and design fulfillment. My projects such as LAI Yard, East Yard, Bamboo’s Yard emerge a sense of humanity, remaining close relationship between human and nature. He’s fond of interpreting space aesthetic and philosophy from Jiangnan learning-men’s exquisite attitude to life. In 2009, I was invited by Chinese authority to aid Middle East and South Susan in building hotel projects.It's a time that these areas were disturbed in war.

Minggu Design

Jaco Pan, one of representatives honoured in promotion and fulfilment of oriental spirit on contemporary architecture and interior design, practices from traditional construction technique to the inner connection between art and structure, completely and distinctly perceiving the high unification of design science and fulfilment in his territory of acquirement. His featured projects awarded in many international design competitions, such as Lai Yard, Xiaodongyuan Court&Sales Centre and Bamboo’s Eatery, gives humanistic breath and implies internal logic between human an nature. He is fond of interpreting aesthetic and philosophy of space in an attitude that reflects the delicate life of Jiangnan’s men of literature and writing. His expertise team, in the last over 15 years, has gained versatile design and execution experience through constant and firm training. Minggu Design has become one of the most representative teams in term of comprehensive capabilities nowadays.