Hidebumi Yamaguchi & Takeda Inc. Designer Profile
Hidebumi Yamaguchi & Takeda Inc. is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Hidebumi Yamaguchi & Takeda Inc.

What I am interested in is not "what kind of product I should create" but "what kind of 'feeling' I want to create". My attitude to DESIGN is generated spontaneously through my work. I work on product design mainly, including a super computer for R&D, processing equipment for micrometer cutting, a digital camera, a cell phone, furniture, a chair, a clock, etc. Products in various fields are developed simultaneously in our studio. The situation goes with searching for industrial cutting & processing equipment, a chair for living room, and a concept of new digital camera all at once. When the situation comes to be a part of daily life, beyond the superficial differences, “common terms” emerges out of fields those seem to be very different. These “common terms” are simple disarmingly. That is, every product is made for “people” and a designer plays a role to bring the direction of product development around “feeling of people”. Views of a designer who stares at “people” have power to make engineers with further specialized expertise than the designer move at fierce development site in a flurry of complicated technical terms. As our activities are expanded from product design to environmental design, and to service design without having definitive form from now on, the importance of asking about “what kind of ‘feeling’ we want to create” will increase.

Hidebumi Yamaguchi & Takeda Inc.
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